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Bob Peterson - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

By Cheryl Baldwin, WSI Home Office

Welcome back to WSI's Digital Power Hour webinar series! Last year, we brought you 11 digital marketing webinars that provided high-level overviews of specific tactics. In 2015, we'll take a deeper dive into some of the more complex issues of the digital world. All told, there will be 5 webinar sessions, which are scheduled for every second month (beginning with February).

To get the ball rolling on a new season of the Digital Power Hour, we'll take a look at how playing the comparison game can gain you a competitive advantage. Everybody knows there's a lot of noise out there on the Internet, especially when it comes to digital marketing. It's understandably hard to form a digital marketing strategy when you've got half of the industry saying x tactic is dead while the other half vehemently argues that it's alive and well.

For this month's webinar, we'll help you take a step back from the digital marketing bubble and really focus on what's going on in your own niche and, more specifically, what your competitors are up to. It's all well and good to have a complete grasp of the digital marketing space, but what if you don't have to? What if you just need to know a) what tactics work in your niche and b) how you can do just a little bit more than your competitors?

The expert who will be giving you the rundown on how to gain a competitive advantage by playing the comparison game is Francois Muscat, a leading WSI Digital Marketing Consultant from South Africa. First, Francois will show you how to identify your closest competition and quickly decipher their digital marketing methods. Once you know what your competition is doing, you'll have the blueprint for taking their customers away from them!


If you want to learn more about how to raise your digital marketing game, attend our How Playing The Comparison Game Can Gain You A Competitive Advantage webinar on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 11am EST.

DATE: Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TIME: 11:00AM - 12:00PM (EST)


There is still time to register for WSI's Free Webinar about Adaptive SEO

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Attend WSI's Free Webinar and "Get on the Same Page as Google with Adaptive SEO"

March 27th 2014 | 10:00AM (CDT) |  Register Now

Dear Bob,
A peek into the crystal ball will tell you that "Adaptive" is definitely the future of SEO. With Google constantly refining its search algorithms in order to deliver better results to its users, SEO has had a complete makeover from what it was back in 2010. At WSI we are very excited about the positive impact AdaptiveSEO is will have in the digital marketing world as well as for your business. Better yet, we're geared to share this knowledge with you so that you do not get on the wrong side of search engine giants like Google! 

If you or your team was to learn more about the power of AdaptiveSEO, we invite you to join WSI's Digital Power Hour for a free webinar entitled "Get on the Same Page as Google with Adaptive SEO". On March 27th 2014 at 11 AM (EST), WSI Digital Marketing expert, Francois Muscat will demonstrate how traditional SEO is different from Adaptive SEO. After the webinar you will also receive a complimentary marketing guide to aid you in your search marketing efforts. To book your set at this month's Digital Power Hour, visit: ?source=BobPeterson1779. 

If you have friends/colleagues who are curious about AdaptiveSEO, please forward my mail to them too so they can register as well. 

And should you wish to discuss any aspect of your brand's digital marketing strategy I will be more than happy to speak with you.
Best regards,
Bob Peterson 
Internet Consultant

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Complimentary Whitepaper! Landing Page Design

Bob Peterson - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Regardless of your profession or industry, it’s easy to understand why you always need to be aware of your audience and their needs. No matter who you’re educating, speaking to, writing to, or presenting to, you need to always be focused on how your message applies to your audience’s interests and intentions. Your audience will be diverse and, correspondingly, they may also be fickle! So generally, you’ll only have a few seconds to attract your audience’s interest.

Importantly, this rule is very much applicable to your online audience as well. And knowing how to keep their attention (and keep them on your website!) can be a tricky skill to master. Just one small mistake on your landing page can cost you a customer!

For September’s Internet marketing expert webinar, WSI Certified Research Analyst, Chuck Bankoff, will be facilitating a free webinar that will take you through the appropriate steps to keeping your audience interested and ultimately get your business increased conversion. He’ll share proven digital marketing methods that will work to turn your site’s visitors into paying customers.

To supplement his webinar, Chuck has also made a complimentary whitepaper available with even more industry tips and best practices for creating effective landing pages appropriate for your business and your audience.  Entitled “Landing Page Design: Common Mistakes & Tested Techniques,” this whitepaper will cover constructive, best-in-class digital marketing techniques for your landing page strategy.

Some whitepaper highlights include:
  • Best process for designing your landing pages
  • Common design mistakes to avoid
  • How to create compelling content on your landing page to draw interest and drive conversion
  • Determine which elements are absolutely essential to your business’ landing page

Skills like these do not come naturally, so this whitepaper is definitely worth checking out. Together, the free webinar and complimentary whitepaper will provide a comprehensive view into industry expertise and solutions for your business’ landing page strategy. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll know exactly how to execute landing pages that will appeal to your audience and to your conversion rate.

Click here to download your complimentary copy of the whitepaper.

Also, be sure to register for the free webinar before spots fill up!


WSI Seminar Materials Now Available

Bob Peterson - Thursday, August 19, 2010
We've just posted the recording, whitepaper, and slides for the Driving Business with Local Search seminar held on August 18, 2010. It was a very informative seminar about using Google Places to promote your business locally. 

You can find it here:

Stay tuned for information about September's seminar.


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